Bootstrapping A 7-Figure Info Product PyImageSearch

Updated: May 8th, 2023
Adrian Rosebrock
Founder, PyImageSearch
from Philadelphia, PA, USA
started March 2014
alexa rank
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  • Adrian Rosebrock founded PyImageSearch, a company that offered digital courses on visual image detection and image classification in Python.
  • Adrian originally had a Ph.D. in computer science and worked a day job before becoming an entrepreneur.
  • PyImageSearch was successful, and Adrian sold the business in 2021.
  • This case study contains Adrian’s journey as an entrepreneur, including the decision to start blogging, launch a Kickstarter campaign, and hire employees.


How they got started

  • PyImageSearch was founded to provide a basic product that could be created and sold within 30-60 days.
  • The goal was to learn marketing and customer communication skills.
  • Previous ventures had focused on scientific or healthcare markets and were unsuccessful.
  • PyImageSearch focused on providing knowledge that would help customers professionally.
  • The aim was to invest in personal and entrepreneurial development.


Success Story Of PyImageSearch

  • In the early days of PyImageSearch, Adrian relied on social media and discussion groups like LinkedIn, Reddit, and Hacker News to promote the business.
  • PyImageSearch was a blog aimed at explaining technical computer vision and artificial intelligence concepts through code and working projects rather than theory.
  • Reddit and Hacker News were essential in attracting an audience interested in practical applications and demos of the code.
  • PyImageSearch aimed to spark its audience’s imagination by showing projects’ code and output results.
  • Adrian wrote the first PyImageSearch book in 10 days.
  • He had a small email list of 100-200 people when he launched the book.
  • He created a sales page and set a price of $19 for the book, not knowing if anyone would buy it.
  • He sent an email to his list announcing the book and made a few sales on the first day.
  • The experience of making sales through email was very rewarding for Adrian.
Adrian Rosebrock, Founder of PyImageSearch
Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story
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