LinkedIn Outreach, New Features vs. Fixing Bugs and More Listener Questions with Jordan Gal

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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  • CartHook, a Shopify app created by Jordan Gal, helps users increase their income and AOV (Average order value) by allowing them to make genuine post-purchase offers to their customers.

  • When many sellers were moving to Shopify to sell their physical products, Jordan saw an opportunity to provide these Shopify merchants with post-purchase offers as there was a massive gap in the market for this feature.

  • The tool enables e-commerce businesses on Shopify to add a new income stream to their checkout through post-purchase upsells. This DTC checkout optimization software has handled over $1 billion for their merchants.

  • Jordan also previously launched an e-commerce business and generated roughly $500k in revenue in 12 months before selling it.


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