Launching to $4K in Monthly Revenue with Laura Elizabeth from Client Portal

Laura Elizabeth
Founder, Client Portal
Client Portal
from Leicester, England, United Kingdom
started January 2017
alexa rank
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Launching to $4K in Monthly Revenue with Laura Elizabeth from Client Portal

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Laura (Williams) Elizabeth founded Client Portal, a project management plugin, in 2017.

It is a super simple WordPress plugin that people can use to provide their clients access to all files at any time and let them track the project's progress.

Laura founded this firm while working as a freelancer and needed a platform to help organize client projects.

In the first year of launching the business, she made $4K in monthly earnings from her WordPress plugin.

The founder is a multitasker - a designer, writer, speaker, and also cross-stitching in her free time.

Client Portal is the first-ever product launched by Laura. Though this business started as a side gig, it became her full-time business very shortly.

Later she also launched two other businesses - Design Academy (a design course made for developers) and Project Pack (collections of documents and templates for freelancers and businesses).

Laura was primarily hesitant to use social media to connect to her audience, however, later, she realized that Facebook & Twitter could be important platforms for reaching new clients, interacting with them, and getting feedback.

Here are some of Laura's best practices

  • Building in the open and sharing projects in public enabled her to land more clients and partnerships
  • She made just under $10K through Black Friday deals
  • putting herself out there early rather than waiting until she had something to sell fast-tracked her success.
  • Podcasts have been key to her successful entrepreneurship
  • Cross-selling and developing projects that target the same audience have helped her grow the brand


Laura Elizabeth, Founder of Client Portal
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