How Mike Went From Burnt Out At $4k/m To Crushing $26k/m With Ease By Shifting His Identity

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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Scott Rowley and Mike Morelli are the co-founders of Peak Prosper. The company helps coaching & consulting businesses plus adventure tour companies achieve scalable growth.

Their free mindset coaching course assists entrepreneurs in building a successful business that works with their active lifestyle. They help them get rid of obstacles by offering them advice on how to succeed.

Peak Prosper assists entrepreneurs who are in control of the necessary tools to grow their businesses but lack the attitude and internal success principles needed to make their vision a reality.

Co-founder Mike had a strong sense of entrepreneurialism but lacked the inner resources needed to launch a successful business.

But with the right coaching & mentorship, he was able to move from barely making $5k per month to crushing $26k per month, and he is now on the upswing helping other people achieve the same.

The business helps people:

  • Get rid of your negative, anxious, and frustrated thoughts.
  • Boost revenue and impact.
  • Give yourself and your business greater mental and time freedom.