Digits Wants to Replace Quickbooks, $30m Raised, 4 years of Building Distribution, Launch is Next

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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Wayne Chang and Jeff Seibert, this fintech company, Digits in 2018. The company aims to transform how small businesses manage their finances.

They started by co-founding Crashlytics to collect, analyze, and organize app crash reports, which they later sold to Twitter in 2013 and Google in 2017 before migrating to Firebase in 2019.

The founders have developed Digits as a real-time finance engine that gives founders and operators a complete understanding of their business, using an AI-generated dashboard. In 2018, Digits was established as a remote business.

With Digits, users can build interactive & easy-to-understand financial reports, get quick answers to their financial queries, Automatically spot mistakes in their ledger, and obtain practical suggestions & advice.


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