$17K in the Last 30 Days: Building a Reselling Business from Scratch

Jack Ferrell and Joan Ferrell
Second Time Sellers
from DeBary, FL, USA
started January 2021
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$17K in the Last 30 Days: Building a Reselling Business from Scratch

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  • Jack and Joan Ferrell are the founders of Second Time Sellers.
  • They buy used items at yard sales, flea markets, and online auctions, then sell them for up to ten times what they originally paid.
  • A brand-new inversion table was their very first acquisition. It cost them $50 to purchase, and they sold it for $450.
  • They have taken off immediately and set a target of making $250,000 in the upcoming 12 months.
  • Presently, they have an eBay store specializing in professional car care supplies and electrical and tools.


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Jack Ferrell and Joan Ferrell, Founder of Second Time Sellers
Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story
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