Failure Friday: “This is super embarrassing looking back…”

Updated: May 8th, 2023

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  • Kayla Hutchinson is the founder of Lucky Dog, a wholesale and retail stationery brand that offers greeting cards & gifts to celebrate everyday moments.

  • She has been a graphic designer for over a decade and creates all of her cards, getting her inspiration from excursions, fabrics, dance, and nature.

  • The inspiration behind the company's name came from Kayla’s dog, Odin, who she lovingly addresses as her co-founder and mail sniffer.

  • Lucky Dog Design Co. is primarily a greeting card store started in 2017 & situated in Lexington, Kentucky. The brand uses illustration-based designs to make people smile with puns and insightful messages.

  • The idea is to resurrect the #snailmailrevolution by breaking through the 2D world of screens and introducing something substantial into people's lives. This stationery and gift business was started to brighten your day with color and liveliness.

  • Kayla grew up spending her summers with her grandmother, the most creative lady she knows, making greeting cards, scrapbooks, and other paper crafts. This helped the founder discover her creative side.

  • Kayla's design is based on typography because her creative career began in newspaper journalism. Working as a journalist at tiny newspapers requires you to wear several hats, including writer, photographer, designer, and so on.

  • A friend asked her to design her wedding invitations eight years ago when she was working at the paper, and she agreed. She had a lot of fun pushing her imagination and developing the appropriate stationery to match a couple's individuality.

  • A few years later, Lucky Dog was born. Now, the founder uses Instagram & Facebook as her main marketing channels to attract customers to her store. She also recently started selling on Amazon to generate a new revenue stream.


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