15 year old launches unique app, breaks $1m revenue, raises $10m

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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  • Mort and Nachshon Fertel created Sudshare, a national laundry service from Baltimore, Md.
  • SudShare is primarily a technology company creating an Uber-like tech stack for laundry.
  • Nachshon was a teenager when he built this app after, one day, he heard his mom complaining about the pile of laundry lying at home for her to do.
  • Around 125 million households produce 50 pounds of laundry weekly, so the growth scope in this market is huge and was reason enough for the founders to launch their laundry service app in 2017.
  • This app-based business offers on-demand laundry services in over 400 cities across the United States and is the first and only one of its kind in the country.
  • This online marketplace for laundry has more than 90,000 users.
  • For the past couple of years, the business has been seeing 10-30% growth each month.
  • Word of mouth and Google Ads have been their key marketing strategies
  • SudShare raised $10M in a seed round and intended to use the money to build a marketing team and a technical team.
  • They currently serve residential clients and planning to start serving commercial customers & go international in 2023


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