35 Inspirational Tory Burch Quotes [2021] Founder Of Fashion Brand "Tory Burch"

35 Inspirational Tory Burch Quotes [2021] Founder Of Fashion Brand "Tory Burch"

Tory Burch is a famous American fashion designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist from Pennsylvania.

She is the Founder and CEO of Tory Burch LLC New York-based Fashion company.

Burch serves on the boards of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and She was listed as the 88th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in the Year 2020.

We've put together an incredible collection of Tory Burch quotes to read.

Here they are:


List of Inspiring Tory Burch Quotes

“If the most unique ideas were unique, there wouldn’t be entrepreneurs.” Tory Burch

“Always support others, never be jealous.” Tory Burch

“If it doesn’t scare you, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.” Tory Burch

“The one thing that every entrepreneurial journey has in common is that there are many many steps on the road to success.” Tory Burch

“Sometimes women entrepreneurs are their own challenge, in terms of believing in themselves. There is no need to apologize for being ambitious.” Tory Burch

“We need to get women to the point where they aren’t apologizing. It’s time to take ownership in our success.” Tory Burch

“I wanted to create a new way of looking at retail.” Tory Burch

“Ambition is not a four-letter word and women have to embrace that.” Tory Burch

“I wanted stores that would feel like a comfortable room in my apartment, cozy and colorful and different.” Tory Burch

“We may live in an age of instant messaging, instant gratification, and Instagram, but there is no way to short-circuit the path to success. It takes hard work, tenacity, and patience.” Tory Burch

“One of my greatest talents is recognizing talent in others and giving them the forum to shine.” Tory Burch

“I’m very forgiving so I forgive most things really.” Tory Burch

“Many people think that buying a fake product is harmless but counterfeiting is estimated to result in annual losses of over $20 billion dollars to American companies.” Tory Burch

“My biggest challenge every day is to be a great mother and a great businesswoman.” Tory Burch

“Buckle up and know that it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work but embrace it.” Tory Burch

“It’s really important for women to embrace their title.” Tory Burch

“There are many things you can do overnight but there is no overnight success.” Tory Burch

“I am always interested in designing things that have a great price point attached to it.” Tory Burch

“I like being straightforward. We can deal with anything as long as it’s on the table.” Tory Burch

“Think of negativity as noise and always believe in what you’re doing.” Tory Burch

“Entrepreneurs have a great ability to create change, be flexible, build companies and cultivate the kind of work environment in which they want to work.” Tory Burch

“I grew up with very elegant parents; their black and white photographs and style are still a huge source of inspiration in designing my collections.” Tory Burch

“When I design a garment or a piece of accessory, the first question I ask myself is, ‘Would I wear it?'” Tory Burch

“You have to be savvy and sharp and also straightforward with your customer. I think that authenticity is really important.” Tory Burch

“I’ve learned time management, organization and I have priorities.” Tory Burch

“Fearlessly pursue your dreams. Embrace your ambitions.” Tory Burch

“Big businesses can help by engaging aspiring entrepreneurs and promoting initiatives which support small businesses from within.” Tory Burch

“It was ingrained in me to be gracious.” Tory Burch

“I wanted to help women and their families.” Tory Burch

“Being an entrepreneur isn’t just a job title, and it isn’t just about starting a company. It’s a state of mind. It’s about seeing connection others can’t, seizing opportunities others won’t, and forging new direction that others haven’t.” Tory Burch

“I think that we should be able to be proud of being ambitious and not shy away from that.” Tory Burch

“Each job I had wasn’t necessarily the perfect job, but I always talk to young women about how you really have to take certain things from each job and learn from that and then move on to something you really want to do.” Tory Burch

“If people are happy, that’s what’s important. Life is short.” Tory Burch

“I think you can have it all. You just have to know it’s going to work.” Tory Burch

“My company is an extension of me.” Tory Burch

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