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On average, founders use 37 tools to run the day to day operations of their business. There are thousands of tools out there, but what are the best ones?

In all of our interviews, we survey what tools founders are actually using. Here is the data.

Interested in specific categories? Check out the best email tools ✉️, the best platforms to build your business on, the best accounting tools, and more:

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A new social media network created with small local businesses in mind; it encourages communication and collaboration. Learn more ➜
3 successful founders are using Alignable
A file hosting service and synchronization service operated by Microsoft as part of its web version of Office. Learn more ➜
5 successful founders are using OneDrive
A process platform designed to standardize and advance business workflow processes. Learn more ➜
2 successful founders are using Pipefy
A mind mapping and brainstorming software, developed by XMind Ltd. In addition to the management elements, the software can be used to capture ideas, clarify thinking, manage complex information, and promote team collaboration. Learn more ➜
A note-taking program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network. Learn more ➜
Using hardware, we collect new data; occupancy, space utilization, noise pollution, air quality, etc. Learn more ➜
Completely free online diagram editor built around Google Drive(TM), that enables you to create flowcharts, UML, entity relation, network diagrams, mockups and more. Your data is stored only in Google Drive, so no additional third-party to trust with your data. Learn more ➜
3 successful founders are using Draw.io
A tool created by Seller Labs which allows users to research keywords and products. Learn more ➜
Services and platform to manage and scale your company. Learn more ➜
Syncs with free job boards, paid job boards, and popular social media channels. Learn more ➜
Track construction and field service employees in real time with GPS tracking and seamless payroll integrations. Learn more ➜
A San Francisco-based online form building company. JotForm's software creates forms with a drag and drop creation tool and an option to encrypt user data. Learn more ➜
6 successful founders are using jotform
A solution that helps you use your big screens better. During meetings or classes, Airtame helps you wirelessly present to TVs or projector screens using an app on your computer or mobile device. Learn more ➜
Improve your entire hiring process with Breezy HR recruiting software & applicant tracking system. We help you attract & hire great employees with less effort. Learn more ➜
An intelligent link management service. Geniuslink helps online marketers make sure they cater to 100% of their fragmented audience by combining intelligent links which send users to different destinations based off they are, with deep insights of how each marketing campaign is performing. Learn more ➜
2 successful founders are using GeniusLink
A secure content collaboration, file sharing, and sync software that supports all the document-centric tasks and workflow needs of small and large businesses. Learn more ➜
Create Questions and Answers, group FAQs, reorder items with drag & drop ease. No more complicated management Learn more ➜
A computer-aided design software system, delivered over the Internet via a Software as a Service model. Learn more ➜