tool-icon Re:amaze

Helpdesk and customer messaging platform designed for online businesses and brands.

Re:amaze live chat and helpdesk helps you consolidate customer service, on-site messaging automation, and customer education in a single app designed for eCommerce.

Re:amaze is created by a team of just 20 people based in San Jose, CA. We’ve been bootstrapped since 2013 and have been revenue positive since 2013. We know what it’s like to grow a business. More importantly, we know how important customer service is.

We believe awesome customer service is an extension of your ability to strike up meaningful conversations. Everything in Re:amaze is designed to reflect this simple concept. Getting started with Re:amaze takes minutes, not hours. We don’t dwell in meaningless features like ticket numbers or customer logins. Instead, we focus on designing a product that is intuitive and simple not only for you but also for your customers. Re:amaze will help you amaze your customers over and over again with just the right amount of tools you need. Nothing more and nothing less.