The 6 Biggest Companies Using Bold Commerce [2022]

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Bold Commerce is an a software development company that builds tools, integrations, and enhanced functionality for ecommerce stores.

What Companies Are Using Bold Commerce?

List of customers using Bold Commerce:

# Customer Type Description
Braxley Bands niche accessories brand The Most Comfortable Apple Watch bands. Machine Washable. Free Shipping on 2 bands. Easy returns and exchanges. Made with moisture-wicking elastic. stretchy, breathable, lightweight, stylish, and trendy.
Meowijuana catnip products High grade organic catnip products, catnip toys and flavored cat treats. Cat accessories, silvervine and valerian root for cats, gifts for cat lovers, medical Meowijuana catnip id cards, cat treats, dispensary products, catnip spray, catnip cigars, catnip joints, catnip buds, and products your feline will love!
GloveStix cleaning products business GloveStix and ShoeStix are an odor management solution for sports gloves, shoes, boots, helmets, knee pads, arm pads, more. Our Stink Stix inhibit bacteria growth, absorb moisture, and deodorize. Reduces odor in as little as 24 hours. Non-toxic and chemical free deodorizing for all your athletic gloves and shoes.
Coco & Bubbles candle business
CRIK Nutrition supplements company Delicious
Branzio watch brand We design watches in various styles as well as color schemes, to be worn all day, every day, regardless of the situation, because versatility is key for us. Our interchangeable straps help you find the perfect match for your outfit. From the city to the outdoors, or from a casual date to a night out with friends.


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