The 5 Biggest Companies Using Azure [2022]

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Azure is an a service (PaaS) solution for building and hosting solutions using Microsoft's products and in their data centers.

What Companies Are Using Azure?

List of customers using Azure:

# Customer Type Description
SmartTask time tracking app SmartTask is the best online collaboration tool to manage your team's progress. Simple yet Powerful enough to handle all business operations. Track tasks, projects, customer interactions and stay connected with team's progress
SiteReq SEO business SiteReq offers a free space for guest bloggers to publish their content to, in addition to free optimization tools and directory listings
Document360 saas product developer business Instantly create a self-service knowledge base for your customers. Build FAQ, User guides, Product Documentation, Standard Operating Procedures and many more
Astropad mac app Makers of Astropad Studio and Luna Display. Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet with Astropad Studio. Extend your Mac display to any iPad or Mac with Luna Display.
Hitchd wedding registry business Collecting cash contributions from your wedding guests couldn't be any easier - Find out why Hitchd is the best honeymoon fund - it's 100% free to get started
I Know The Pilot discount travel website The Best International and Domestic Airfare Deals for Australia sent to you for Free.
pup•eeze iPhone app Veterinarian clinics implement our software to simplify workflow <br /> <br /> optimization with electronic medical record dashboards that save time with <br /> <br /> patient intake, & help to inform clients about the health of their pets <br /> <br /> increasing client communication. We combine robust features with an all <br /> <br /> hands on deck support team. Our customers receive an all-in-one platform to <br /> <br /> access EMR, & clinic dashboards.
Apps:Lab freelance app development business Apps:Lab Co. is a power house of innovative and creative designers, experienced developers and statisticians. We are one solution your business/company needs in Technological Advancement to boost Sales, Step Up Productivity and Manage Productivity. We walk our Clients from conceptualization to the Actualization of their Projects.


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