Write of Passage

Perell's Journey From 2.9 GPA To $3M ARR Writing Course

David Perell
Founder, Write of Passage
Write of Passage
from Texas City, TX, USA
started January 2019
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About The Write of Passage Founders

Who is David Perell?

David Perell is a writer, podcast host, and the founder of Write of Passage. His online course teaches thousands of people how to write online, share their ideas, and build an audience.

In addition to Write of Passage, David also hosts two podcasts, the Write of Passage Podcast and the North Star Podcast.


About The Business

What problem is Write of Passage solving?

Content writing can be challenging due to writer's block, time constraints, low motivation, quality, plagiarism, SEO, audience engagement, feedback, competition, and burnout.


How did David Perell get the idea for Write of Passage?

After taking Tiago Forte's course, David wanted to help 1,000 people start writing online. He was so excited he even tweeted about it and approached it as a challenge.


How did David Perell build the initial version of Write of Passage?

Noticing the demand for online writing course, David pitched his friend Tiago on co-creating an online writing course.

In less than five minutes, he convinced Tiago and they agreed to film the course in Mexico City and launch it in mid 2018.

His friend and all-time favorite writer funded the Write of Passage production costs and travel costs to Mexico.

David and Tiago worked filmed seven pre-recorded modules and launched the course in 2 months after filming with an inaugural price of $600 and 150 students.


David & Tiago Filming a Course in Mexico City


What is the growth strategy for Write of Passage?

David's strategy is laser focus:

He focuses all his efforts on one platform (Twitter) and ignores the other channels.

Then he creates the most possible 'shareable content' - All to drive people to his email list.



How does Write of Passage price their products?

Write of Passage sells three different packages for their cohort: $4,000 for cohort-only access, $5,000 which includes access to one cohort + 3 months of post-cohort support, and $9,000, which gives you lifetime access to cohorts.

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More about Write of Passage

Who is the owner of Write of Passage?

David Perell is the founder of Write of Passage.

When did David Perell start Write of Passage?


What is David Perell's net worth?

David Perell's business makes an average of $25K/month.

How much money has David Perell made from Write of Passage?

David Perell started the business in 2019, and currently makes an average of $300K/year.