How Dmitry Dragilev Built TopicRanker to $12K MRR

Dmitry Dragilev
Founder, TopicRanker
from Boston, MA, USA
started July 2023
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TopicRanker is an SEO tool which helps creators find easy-to-rank keywords based on competitor weak spots in SERPs

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About The TopicRanker Founder

Who is Dmitry Dragilev?

Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of TopicRanker, an SEO tool that helps creators find easy-to-rank keywords based on competitor weak spots in SERPs.

An entrepreneur and digital creator, Dmitry built and grew three startups from scratch, which were acquired by Google in 2014, a private firm in 2020, and SemRush in 2023.

He is an experienced SEO professional with an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Middlebury College (Monterey Institute of International Studies).


About The Business

What problem is TopicRanker solving?

Finding potential keywords can be challenging, with some digital content creators overlooking keywords that could improve their ranking.


How did Dmitry Dragilev get the idea for TopicRanker?

Dmitry has helped dozens of clients improve their SERP ranking and understood that the majority of them targeted incorrect keywords and underestimated the ongoing efforts required to rank high in Google.

As a result, he created TopicRanker to help creators find keywords and easily outperform the competition.


How did Dmitry Dragilev build the initial version of TopicRanker?

It’s built on Vercel, Postgres, and DigitalOcean. β€” Dmitry Dragilev (Source).

Screenshot of landing page in July, 2022.


What is the growth strategy for TopicRanker?

Dmitry acquired customers organically through PR & SEO.

We did a few things to get the word out. We have always been active participants in a bunch of marketing communities – contributing to AMAs, being interviewed on podcasts, and writing guest articles. β€” Dmitry Dragilev (Source).

He strengthened his community of customers and newsletter subscribers, holding virtual events to showcase some of the amazing results customers were having with the tool.


Dmitry explaining his growth hack method


How does TopicRanker price their products?

TopicRanker offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $9 per month
  • Basic: $59 per month
  • Premium: $129 per month

Pricing as of May 2024.

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More about TopicRanker

Who is the owner of TopicRanker?

Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of TopicRanker.

When did Dmitry Dragilev start TopicRanker?


What is Dmitry Dragilev's net worth?

Dmitry Dragilev's business makes an average of $12K/month.

How much money has Dmitry Dragilev made from TopicRanker?

Dmitry Dragilev started the business in 2023, and currently makes an average of $144K/year.

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