AMA With Vivian Chan, Co-Founder of $25K/Month Fashion Company

East Meets Dress
from San Francisco, California, USA
started July 2018
alexa rank
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Super excited to have Vivian Chan, co-founder of East Meets Dress on Starter Story for an AMA (ask me anything)

Some interesting facts about Vivian Chan, and things you can ask her about:

  • They've grown their fashion business to $25k/month and have gross margins of 60% with zero employees
  • They bring Asian-American representation to the traditional wedding industry
  • Their core products are Chinese wedding dresses, but they also have a collection of mens outfits, accessories and wedding favors.
  • They started their business with less than $100 and had no prior experience in fashion
  • Part of their success has come from having a very niche market in a large industry
  • One of their most successful sales channels is Etsy

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Vivian Chan,   Founder of East Meets Dress

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