AMA with Ryan Scherf, Founder of $700K/Year Square Alternative

Payment for Stripe
from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
started January 2015
alexa rank
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Really excited to interview Ryan Scherf who built a mobile app called Payment - the app allows online stores to easily collect payments with no card reader required.

  • $700K+ monthly revenue.
  • Their business model? The app collects a 1% service fee on every single charge.
  • They launched in January 2015.
  • They've grown to $70M in gross volume annually.

Ask him questions about:

  • How to build an MVP: They built their product in less than 2 months.
  • How to grow in the app store: That's how they've grown, including using paid ads.
  • Managing co-founder relationships: He's learned some lessons there.

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Ryan Scherf,   Founder of Payment for Stripe

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