AMA With Justin Rapoport, Founder Of $1M Amazon Smelling Salts Product

AMA With Justin Rapoport, Founder Of $1M Amazon Smelling Salts Product

Super excited to have Justin back on Starter Story for an AMA.

We interviewed Justin back in March of last year, where he gave us all the details of his $1M/year Amazon business.

What you can ask Justin about in his AMA:

  • How he grew his product to $90k/month from home
  • Justin is an expert on selling on Amazon, where most of his growth has come from.
  • In the early days, Justin started in his room, packaging the product himself!
  • Justin found a trend (ammonia smelling salts) and capitalized quickly, getting a product to market in just a couple months.
  • Justin made a viral commercial for his business featuring NFL player Steve Smith and Mia Khalifa.
  • Justin now also runs an Amazon company helping others start similar businesses.


Justin Rapoport,   Founder of AmmoniaSport LLC
Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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