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Yarty is an American entrepreneur. Yarty started A4E in 2018.[1]

Yarty, founder of A4EYarty, founder of A4E




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Early Career

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Yarty started A4E in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on A4E?

After working for over two decades combined, we realized that corporate life wasn’t what we wanted or valued. So much that we both turned down multiple job offers—I turned down an opportunity to join Amazon.

So, in 2017 Sara and I both decided to quit our jobs and take this opportunity to travel the world. We ended up backpacking throughout Southeast Asia, and it was such an incredible experience.

Here’s us below in Indonesia and in Vietnam trekking:



When we returned home, we spent some time asking ourselves what we wanted to do, what we valued and what we would regret 50 years down the road. What was that “thing” that would have us regret?

That thing for us was entrepreneurship.

Given our accounting and finance backgrounds, it was a natural fit for us to start a business helping other small businesses and founders with their accounting needs. We would help with their bookkeeping, their taxes as well as providing CFO strategies to improve margins, cash flow and growth.

Sara had built her career at one of the Big 4 firms and at a smaller regional firm servicing large clients, while my career was in corporate finance and strategy helping Fortune 100 and hyper-growth companies’ executive teams boost profitability and growth.

We understood that strong accounting and financial systems were necessary for businesses to thrive and grow. Unfortunately, many small businesses can’t afford these services.

That’s why we decided to launch A4E, so that we could be that anchor and partner to them.

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