Xavier Coiffard

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Xavier Coiffard is a French entrepreneur. Xavier started Spreadtheworld in 2020.[1]

Xavier Coiffard, founder of SpreadtheworldXavier Coiffard, founder of Spreadtheworld




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Xavier started Spreadtheworld in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Spreadtheworld?

My first idea was Spreadtheworld, it came from my own experience as a co-founder for a previous venture. I wanted to launch my startup but I struggled to find some online places that could match. So I started to curate a list for myself.

When the list got 100 items I shared it publicly on Reddit and IndieHackers. I got some major traction from it, with hundreds of upvotes and comments. They were even some people asking me to create a product out of it. That’s what I did.

Talk to people first, try to understand if the problem you identified is only on your mind or not, and if people would pay for a solution.

My first thought as a tech guy was to create a complex product that would automate the submission to these 100+ places. I shared the idea with a few people and the feedback wasn’t that good. So I “pivoted” and tried to curate more resources, to bring more value for the founders.

I built it super fast with no-code tools only: Airtable, Gumroad, and Carrd for the landing page. I got some immediate traction and made some sales right away, that’s how I validate it!

The idea of IdeaHunt also came from my experience as a founder but also all the online communities of entrepreneurs. I spent a LOT of time there and figured out that idea validation was always an issue. IdeaHunt was my answer to this problem - not sure it was the right one :)

RemoteFR was born because I wanted to test the “job board hype”. I choose to niche down as much as I can to be more efficient. I choose the French dev niche naturally as I know very well the market and also how unknown the full remote philosophy is in France.

UserBooster is an “extension” of my first product. I pretty much built a solution to the same problem but with a different angle. (In fact, I have an offer where I bundle the 2 products in one sale!)

The 5th product’s idea came from my own pain again. That’s really the easiest way to find an idea, just look where you struggle and try to see if others feel the same. If the answer is yes, you probably have a business!

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