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Wes O'Donnell is an American entrepreneur. Wes started Warrior Lodge Media in 2013.[1]

Wes O'Donnell, founder of Warrior Lodge MediaWes O'Donnell, founder of Warrior Lodge Media


Warrior Lodge Media


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Warrior Lodge Media

Wes started Warrior Lodge Media in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Warrior Lodge Media?

I left the military after ten years of service and after a short stint in corporate America, I started an eCommerce company called Modern Workspace. It was around this time in the early 2010s that I became frustrated with the lack of simple military information online; for instance, “where is the closest Veteran’s hospital?” or “how much money does a Staff Sergeant make in the Air Force?”

Because of this frustration, I set out to make a website that compiled every piece of unclassified U.S. military information in existence; not just helpful information for military members, but also fun stuff like a complete U.S. military weapons system database and a detailed military analysis of every foreign country on the planet.

Using lessons learned from my office furniture eCommerce store Modern Workspace, I knew that I needed high-quality original content posted regularly to maximize organic traffic and SEO. Because of this, I reached out to my network of military and veterans and recruited writers who would write for free, simply to build their credibility and expertise.

At the time, I was living off of my income from Modern Workspace. This gave me the freedom to take my time building Warrior Lodge slowly and organically, without too much investment upfront.

The biggest boost to traffic came in 2015 when a single article that I had written went “viral”. This lucky event increased my traffic overnight 10,000% and put Warrior Lodge on the radar of celebrities, journalists, and other media companies. Other media sites made offers to license the Warrior Lodge brand and logo and that event fast-tracked Warrior Lodge to where it is today.

Before that article, Warrior Lodge was earning approximately $20 per day in ad revenue. After the viral article, the site was earning between $700-$1000 per day.

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