Wendy Foster

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Wendy Foster is an American entrepreneur. Wendy started Mamalates in 2007 and is based in Portland, Oregon.[1]

Wendy Foster, founder of MamalatesWendy Foster, founder of Mamalates




Portland, Oregon


Early Career

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Wendy started Mamalates in 2007. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Mamalates?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur! I have a knack for noticing what is missing that people will want and filling that gap. I had experience working as a therapeutic Pilates instructor for years but I never had to recover from childbirth. As a skier, climber and general movement enthusiast, I was familiar with discomfort, physical pain and enduring miserable situations but nothing prepared and humbled me like the marathon of labor, birth and postpartum.

After a long labor and c-section, I felt like a train wreck! I was recovering from surgery in an unfamiliar body caring for a newborn and not sleeping. I was suffering from The Baby Blues and was completely humbled by my chronic pain, weakness and overall overwhelm. I started to piece myself back together physically by modifying traditional Pilates stretches and exercises and using the foam roller for self myofascial release.

I started to share what was working and feeling better for me with other women by offering local mom and baby Pilates classes in Portland. Sometimes, even in my basement! I continued to research standard operating birth recovery procedures in other cultures & countries and realized the support and treatment they received was far superior to ours in the U.S. and realized that there was a real lack of resources and guidelines in the states.

I interviewed OB/GYNs, PT’s, Naturopaths and others to combine a holistic method- I was so eager to connect and help other new moms! I decided to dedicate my private + group Pilates practice solely to prenatal and postpartum women. Local physicians started referring clients or students would seek me out directly for this niche service- word of mouth travels quickly with moms!

I soon added specialty workshops, produced a DVD and created my Complete Birth Recovery Kit that is distributed online and through licensed mamalates PRO's. After 5 years of teaching, I opened a studio that was dedicated to moms, movement and education/ classes around newborns & birth recovery with a community of other childbirth educators & pre/post yoga instructors.

It all was a leap of faith and completely self funded. I soon realized that I needed to funnel my energy and focus less on the brick and mortar studio but more on the national trainings that would help spread this work while simultaneously building my brand.

As the sole founder and workhorse behind all these businesses, it has been challenging to keep my eye on the prize and not get bogged down with the day to day. But, for the last 5 years have been focusing more on the trainings and videos and realizing that I need to outsource and ask for help if I want my business to continue to grow.

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