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Warnisha Foster is an American entrepreneur. Warnisha started Kiss My Crown Essentials in 2020 and is based in Ocala.[1]

Warnisha Foster, founder of Kiss My Crown EssentialsWarnisha Foster, founder of Kiss My Crown Essentials


Kiss My Crown Essentials


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Kiss My Crown Essentials

Warnisha started Kiss My Crown Essentials in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Kiss My Crown Essentials?

I was a troubled youth. I grew up in a single-parent home. My mother went to prison when I was just nine years old. She was a victim of domestic violence. I remember just thinking to myself that I was ready to change my life. I wanted better for myself. I was tired of struggling. My grandmother is my hero she inspired me not just to exist but to live. At my lowest moment, I decided that it would be great.

After, I had my first child at 20 years old. She changed my life the moment I looked in her eyes. I knew I had to come up with a plan to provide and protect her. I tried several different businesses at first. I had an eyelash business first but I did not love it as much.

I came up with the idea to start to Kiss My Crown Essentials because I was tired of buying products that were advertised as being the best but left my skin feeling dry. What set my plan in motion was when my kids would have eczema flare-ups from using regular soap. That was it. I wanted better for them so I decided to make a product that was safer, full of nutrients, and body oil. I created a soap called Catch’em With Honey.

> Never get comfortable just because you are making sales. Always continue to improve your products even when you feel that they are already great.

It was an aloe-based soap that was good for soothing and healing irritated skin, it included real organic oatmeal is amazing for relieving itching and has anti-inflammatory properties, and honey which has natural antibiotic properties. This soap worked wonders on my son I started to see such an improvement. I sold out that soap my very first week.

I became obsessed with skincare as I began to age. I wanted to create products that are natural, organic, but beautiful. So I began coming up with different scent combinations, researching the best soap bases for maximum skin moisture. I even tested out major products from top companies and I came up with my own thing. Natural products that boast freeze-dried fruits and flowers. This caught on quickly. Shortly after the research period, I rolled out a list of 10 products that I knew were going to be amazing.

I learned that in the soap market, there were hundreds of products out there but looking at the ingredients was scary! Most of the things that are in commercial soaps I dint want anywhere near my body or those of my kids. So I decided to be the change I wanted to see. I pushed my natural and organic products and other likeminded men and women wanted to be a part of my movement.


I wanted to create something that matters. I design my products with our skin in mind. I wanted to nurture and protect our skin. Going back to speaking on soap bases there were hundreds to choose from, I selected the ones that had benefits on their own before I even added anything to them. For example Goats Milk. It helps to repair damaged skin, it is a natural exfoliate, it contains vitamins A and E which have antioxidant properties. I make it my business to only use the best of the best soap bases which natural benefits.


I believe that as long as I continue to research and perfect my products they will be on store shelves everywhere. That is my ultimate goal but I will not compromise on the ingredients they will remain natural and organic.

My financial situation at the time was not the best. Although, I had saved up money to make this move it was a leap of faith for me. I still had the worries of everyone else like What if this does not work? What if I lose all the money I put in? Is this a good time to start a business? But you know what I told myself that I would not let my fear of failing to stop me from trying. I remember a saying that says “Nothing beats a failure but a try”. That stuck out to me and motivated me to keep pushing.

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