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Vidura is a British entrepreneur. Vidura started VSTEAM Education in 2019.[1]

Vidura,  of VSTEAM EducationVidura, of VSTEAM Education


VSTEAM Education


Early Career

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VSTEAM Education

Vidura started VSTEAM Education in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on VSTEAM Education?

I came from a difficult background struggling with mental health issues since childhood. I graduated with a degree in Aerospace engineering and worked in the industry for almost five years. At the same time, I trained to become a professional street-dancer. I love both science and art. I always chased things that I had a passion for, not money.

After leaving my full-time post, I worked in several different teaching positions. I also worked as a children’s entertainer. I felt something was missing in education. I wanted children to have at least some real-world practical science and engineering in the classroom. At the same time, I wanted them to walk into the classrooms with the same enthusiasm that I did when I first went to my dance classes. The idea grew on me slowly with time, so I began working on it. I developed a few workshops and tried them in school free of charge, and they were very successful from a science engagement point of view.

With speaking engagements, I first became a public speaker. I subsequently asked dancers to join my speaking engagements. It has made us stand out from the crowd.

We are still very much a startup and have a long way to go financially, but before the pandemic, we had the most booking we ever had and had opportunities to grow.

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