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Valerio Celletti is an Italian entrepreneur. Valerio started Loop in 2017 and is based in Milan.[1]

Valerio Celletti, founder of LoopValerio Celletti, founder of Loop




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Valerio started Loop in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Loop?

Our story is quite simple but rather atypical.

We both worked as freelancers (Francesco on Facebook since 2014, while Valerio on Google Ads since 2016), so in 2017 we decided to join forces and found our own agency.

We both came from a stereotypical freelancer background where we found our clients through online marketplaces.

From the very beginning, we have designed our agency to be slightly different from the average general service web agency, in which we were seeing organizational and expertise limits.

We decided, at least for the early stage, not to hire any employees, but rather to rely on other freelancers and associates with proven abilities and experience.

We live by the rule of the “3 Ps”: Performances, Priorities, and Processes. We try to achieve the best possible results through work organization and self-discipline, always focusing on elements that turned out to be most effective in relation to their outcomes.

We’re huge fans of the “80/20” rule and we try to always apply it, where possible. Thanks, Perry Marshall! We owe you a couple of drinks.

Over the years, we have been exploring and living in different work environments (as employees, freelancers, “almost-work-partners” in a similar project), and we always tried to treasure all experiences, even the negative ones, in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

We both hate micromanagement, therefore we prefer not to accept projects if we’re not sure we’re going to have a certain degree of freedom of choice. We simply preferred not to acquire another customer if you feel we were not totally able to handle it in terms of time, and resources.

> We’re always grateful to those who work with us, but also to people that support us and give us advice. Relationships are the key.

The idea behind this has always been the following: we want to offer high-quality services, hence we want to expand in a very specific market, that in Italy is not yet saturated.

It just came naturally, as this was basically what we had been doing so far, and it was clearly working well.

However, we wanted to raise the bar of our earnings and for the number of projects, we could handle, compared to what we would have been able to do as solo freelancers.

In the past few years, we’ve been having better opportunities, but also new challenges: we believe our strength has been to have a clear vision in mind since the beginning, therefore we could act focusing on that.

At present, we’re able to manage the agency 100% remotely, also by delegating all the non-operational roles (accounting, administration, etc.). This has been quite a challenge initially, honestly speaking.


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