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Valentina is a Canadian entrepreneur. Valentina started Really Luxe in 2020.[1]

Valentina, founder of Really LuxeValentina, founder of Really Luxe


Really Luxe


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Really Luxe

Valentina started Really Luxe in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Really Luxe?

I worked as a Sales Associate for a well-known gift shop. I loved working for the company and was very passionate and believed in the company's culture and image.

The best part of the job was helping customers choose the perfect gift, suggest engraving messages and design ideas, and organizing inventory. I worked alongside awesome and amazing people! This was the first time I actually found a job that I truly was passionate about.

After the company closed down, I was very broken-hearted. This was the time when I also realized that I loved working with people, gift wrapping, and being able to use my creative talents and skills. Since I got laid off, due to company closure, this was the perfect time on reflecting where I would like to be professionally in my life.

One of my dreams was to create and build my own brand. My financial situation at that time was that I had a healthy amount of savings set on the side, so financially I was confident.

I began brainstorming some business ideas. Hair products and skincare were some of the many ideas I had pondered on. I finally decided to create a gift shop business. I’ve always had a passion for gift wrapping since I was 8. Every Christmas, I would get really excited watching my mom wrap presents.

Then as I got older, I also found a passion for wrapping gift baskets for Baby Showers, birthdays, etc! I guess creativity runs in my blood, and that’s when I thought to myself...”Imagine creating, designing, and wrapping gifts for a living?” I wanted to create a unique image, so instead of selling “gift baskets”, I wanted to use the term “Gift Bouquets“.

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