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Tony Tang is an American entrepreneur. Tony started G7 Education in 2021.[1]

Tony Tang, founder of G7 EducationTony Tang, founder of G7 Education


G7 Education


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G7 Education

Tony started G7 Education in 2021. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on G7 Education?

I like to learn about new things through reading material online and digesting videos. If something requires hands-on activity like coding, then executing a lab may be the preferable route. I came up with G7 Education because education is a key part of today’s society. When an individual needs to obtain a driver’s license, certain States mandate driver’s education. To enter into a university, a prerequisite is often a high school diploma or an equivalent: like the General Educational Development (GED) exam.

Emailing is always an effective method, especially if the message comes from someone credible.

Therefore creating an institution like G7 Education, fulfills a need in society for education. The courses offered will involve areas about career development and upskilling. Everyone knows the resources are available online. However, it is faster, to have the knowledge precompiled, and readily digested through a course.

G7 Education will offer in-person classes and online courses. Although there are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) available, the online format still cannot completely replace the in-person classroom experience. In-person classes involve a level of interaction and close collaboration. There is a significant difference between collaborating with a person online, and working together in a live in-person setting.

Providing education is not a new concept. In fact, education is inherent to all human societies. G7 simply adds a spin to this concept. The key is to provide quality and value.

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