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** Tony Doronin** is a Cypriot entrepreneur. Tony started Overgear in 2017.[1]

 Tony Doronin, founder of Overgear Tony Doronin, founder of Overgear




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Tony started Overgear in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Overgear?

(Dmitriy) All my experience is the way to Overgear. I even tend to joke that taking into consideration all my experience, I couldn't but do Overgear. Although it all started at Mcdonald’s, where I started to work in 2008 when I was expelled from the university. Frankly speaking, the career was short-lived - I left it after 2 months because I was able to earn my monthly salary for 3 nights playing World of Warcraft. So I continued to do it, and at the same time, I began to study at two universities. But I have never finished any of them.

Howbeit I taught and practiced English in games, chose the best courses in necessary skills, and immediately tried to apply them. It was the way how marketing, product management, and leadership appeared in my life. Actually, I do not stop learning even now, it is important to understand the tendencies - this is the only way to create products that set trends for others.

(Alex) As an active gamer, I followed the development of the industry, and as an investment and finance specialist, I understood the potential of the market. The lack of competition among services turned in a low-quality level of any products, but the audience had no choice at all. For a long time, I have reflected on the idea of a project that will provide a completely different level of user experience.

This is how Overgear appeared - as a hub that aggregated a huge number of orders and controlled the quality of the performers. We had a unique offer for users — we guaranteed the safety of their money and maximum quality. We paid attention to convenience and speed, for this we needed IT-expertise, which many teams simply did not have. Tony already had experience in developing projects from scratch, and in this project, he was responsible for the IT part, and I fully decided to delve into business development and look for investments.

I became not only a co-founder but also a co-investor. This fact greatly increases the trust in you at the stage of fundraising.

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