Todd Trimakas

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Todd Trimakas is an American entrepreneur. Todd started ByteStand in 2016 and is based in Charlotte.[1]

Todd Trimakas, founder of ByteStandTodd Trimakas, founder of ByteStand




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Todd started ByteStand in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on ByteStand?

In 2015, I was selling overstock items on Amazon full-time. In any given month I had about 1,000-2,000 products, with a turn over rate of about 500 listings a month.

While perusing the Amazon Seller forums, I came across post after post of horror stories from fellow sellers complaining about being suspended by Amazon, often for barely any reason at all. This wasn’t writing on the wall, this was a sticky note pasted on my forehead. I knew I had to do something to diversify my business away from complete dependence on Amazon.

I decided to create my own store on Shopify. The only issue was how to move my constantly changing inventory. The logical first step was to simply start entering it by hand, one at a time. It took about 15 minutes to enter one complete listing with pictures, descriptions and all the necessary bits and pieces. 1,500 products times 15 minutes per product... it would take almost 47 days of work to enter my existing inventory, not to mention the 500 new products that came in every month.

Shopify has an extensive app inventory, but I tried one app after another to automate the process with no luck. I even tried going outside the app store. No luck there either. I couldn’t believe it, but there were NO apps to move inventory from Amazon to Shopify.

I decided I would have to create one myself. It couldn’t be that hard, right? Especially for a guy with zero software development experience, zero knowledge of programming languages, and zero idea of how to make Shopify and Amazon “talk” to each other.

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