TJ Mapes

Founder of RIPT Apparel
from Chicago, Illinois, USA
started June 2009
Hey everyone, I’m TJ Mapes, founder of RIPT Apparel. We partner with independent artists all over the world and sell their artwork on t-shirts, hoodies, posters, and more in our marketplace. A portion of every sale goes back to them and we’ve worked with 10,000’s of artists over the yea...
Some interesting facts about TJ, and things you can ask him about: - They've grown their clothing brand to $200K/month with three founders and zero employees - They create nostalgic, pop-culture parody and mashup artwork and sell them on t-shirts hoodies and more - Their business model ...
Hey everyone, my name is TJ Mapes, co-founder @ RIPT Apparel. RIPT Apparel is your destination for nostalgic, pop-culture parody and limited edition mashup artwork sold on t-shirts, hoodies and more. Our artwork is crowdsourced from independent artists from all over the world. For ev...