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Temo Valle is a Mexican entrepreneur. Temo started Bold Tribe in 2015.[1]

Temo Valle, founder of Bold TribeTemo Valle, founder of Bold Tribe


Bold Tribe


Early Career

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Bold Tribe

Temo started Bold Tribe in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Bold Tribe?

When I finished my Master’s Degree I took a job as an employee in a company; But I knew what my real passion in life was: to have my own business. That's why when I came home from work I used to work on the internet. I learned marketing, publicity, business ideas, and read finance books, etc.

In 2015 I met the business of Private label, I studied it thoroughly and decided it was time to create my own brand of physical products (I had zero experience). It took me a few months to determine which products I would choose to go on the market, it was not an easy task, also had to raise an important amount of capital. I noticed that most entrepreneurs simply sold whatever it was, to earn income.

For me, I decided to do it differently. I really dreamed of building a valuable Brand, a Brand people could love and would be willing to recommend. I wasn't interested in creating β€œa product” just because I knew it would sell.

It was at that point where everything began to make sense, I gathered everything I had learned in the last years… and put a very important emphasis on my passions.

I’ve always been a sports person. I love sports, basketball, going to the gym, CrossFit. I love to start a business, to work hard to build your dreams. I love to help people to live better

There was no doubt, my dream was to build, not only a Brand in the sports segment. But to serve a whole community with it. Creating a Brand and a Tribe for sporting goods was the way to go. At this point, many great challenges began. But BoldTribe was born.

Putting my dream into action implied great challenges such as raising capital, designing the image of the Brand, design positioning strategies, gather the right people to make this crazy dream come true, etc. But, looking back it's been worth every hour and penny invested. Our work team is phenomenal and our β€œlegends” (clients) are the heart of everything we do.

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