Teddy Giard

Founder of Kanga
from Clemson, South Carolina, USA
started May 2017
What’s up! My name’s Teddy Giard and I’m a Junior Marketing major at Clemson University and a co-founder of Kanga Coolers. At Kanga, we invented the world's first iceless cooler designed to fit around an entire case of 12 oz. beverages (12 & 24 packs). Our customers are beer drinkers, t...
What’s up, ladies & gents! My name’s Teddy Giard and I’m the Co-founder & Head of Brand Marketing/Media for Kanga Coolers. Kanga was started as a class project at Clemson University back in 2017 where we were asked to create a solution to a problem we faced every day. In our case, the p...