Susie Shaughnessy

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Susie Shaughnessy is an American entrepreneur. Susie started Crawford Denim and Vintage Co. in 2013 and is based in Manhattan Beach, CA.[1]

Susie Shaughnessy, founder of Crawford Denim and Vintage Co.Susie Shaughnessy, founder of Crawford Denim and Vintage Co.


Crawford Denim and Vintage Co.


Manhattan Beach, CA


Early Career

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Crawford Denim and Vintage Co.

Susie started Crawford Denim and Vintage Co. in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Crawford Denim and Vintage Co.?

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area as the middle child in a large family. Our Dad was a long time high school football coach and our Mom managed the teams while raising the family.

Every student was welcome in our home, making our house a constant hub of activity, sports and art. We learned early in life how rewarding working in service to others is and how to work well as a team. One person’s success is a reflection of the team’s hard work.

I started my design career at Levi’s, working at some of the last US factories and learned from the true craftsmen how to build the iconic jeans. After years of designing for other American denim brands manufacturing overseas, I wanted to return to producing in the states. I did not want to lose the artform that had generated in California. Working with other small businesses + craftsmen, we can each benefit and help sustain our local economy.

I was looking at the Slow Food Movement at the time of shaping my plan for Crawford Denim. Their movement to eat local foods in support of small, sustainable farms to reduce waste and eliminate pesticides were practices I wanted to employ in the apparel industry. Working locally reduces the need for gas for overseas shipping and using deadstock + vintage fabrics keeps them from landfills. These fabrics not only have great character, but were often created from cotton grown without pesticides or GMOs.

While the head Designer at Old Navy, I started a small jewelry + crafts line with my sisters. It was a good introduction on how to set up an online business and sell in person. I was able to work on my skills without a huge investment for product inventory and develop best practices knowing eventually I would launch Crawford Denim.

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