Susie Q Aranda

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Susie Q Aranda is an American entrepreneur. Susie started Garage Gym Barbell Apparel in 2017 and is based in Tehachapi, CA.[1]

Susie Q Aranda, founder of Garage Gym Barbell ApparelSusie Q Aranda, founder of Garage Gym Barbell Apparel


Garage Gym Barbell Apparel


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Early Career

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Garage Gym Barbell Apparel

Susie started Garage Gym Barbell Apparel in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Garage Gym Barbell Apparel?

Garage Gym Barbell Apparel has been a journey starting with me personally. Some of us have that “one day” where we wake up and decide we are ready to make a life change and never look back. My “one day” came 8 years ago. Very unhealthy, overweight and desperately needed to get myself healthy; I set a goal that I would lose weight and be healthy and never looked back. From that moment I have stayed the course and made that goal something that my business was built around.


Some of the things I accomplished in my personal journey; yoga instructor, Zumba instructor, Crossfit level 1 & 2 certificates, NASM personal training certificate. My biggest accomplishment was getting California State records in the United States Powerlifting Association for a 341lb squat and a 419lbs deadlift at age 44 years.

> Start small with what you have and grow at a pace that allows you to be ready for bigger things to come.

All of this transferred in the passion to help other women. Some like me who have never been active but ready to make changes in their life and others looking to be strong. In 2015, I created an at-home gym and invited women to come train with me.

As my at-home clients grew, I decided to have a shirt designed and printed with the help of one of the members in my gym, Becca Lemar, a freelance graphic designer. The plan was to only print them for our local ladies but the logo was so badass that I started getting online inquiries from others to purchase one for themselves.


The idea was born, selling GGB gear online. Along with this idea came many questions.. "Could I sell these online?", "What do I call the apparel line?", "How do I even start?", and "How do I fund GGB?"

I had no clue of where to start with zero experience with an online store, design, printing, or which garment to choose....but Becca, my graphic designer, did know all about some of these things. We decided to partner up!

My small gym at the time was called "The Garage Gym"..pretty creative right ha! Becca and I tossed around the idea of creating a new unique name for the apparel that didn't limit our connection and sales to only those who own a "garage gym". In the end, we made the decision to name the new apparel line "Garage Gym Barbell Apparel". The name fits with our business plan to provide strength programming and monthly workouts to anyone that needed it and it was the source of our motivation for creating the apparel line.

However, the name was an obstacle. We received comments and messages often that they loved our shirts but they don't work out in their garage. Over time our main mission statement "strength is for everyone no matter where they train" would shine through and "everyone" would feel welcome to wear our gear.

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