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Susannah Davda is a British entrepreneur. Susannah started The Shoe Consultant Ltd in 2015.[1]

Susannah Davda,  of The Shoe Consultant LtdSusannah Davda, of The Shoe Consultant Ltd


The Shoe Consultant Ltd


Early Career

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The Shoe Consultant Ltd

Susannah started The Shoe Consultant Ltd in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Shoe Consultant Ltd?

Except for a paper round and a brief stint in a horrible bag shop, I have only ever worked in shoes. At the age of sixteen, I started working in a shoe shop. Although the product was pretty average, I loved it when new styles were delivered. I got a kick out of seeing the transformation of customers trying on different shoes. I didn’t even mind the monotony of “working stock” - climbing up and down ladders shifting heavy shoe boxes from one set of shelves to another.

When I was looking for fashion design degree courses in the great big manual of university options, I stumbled across the tiny Footwear Design section. There were two footwear design degree courses and an HND in the UK. I applied for all three!

During my undergraduate degree, I learned to design, make, and cut the patterns for shoes. When I graduated, I worked in design and buying, then product management. I had experience in retail, wholesale, and branded footwear, and I knew I wanted to use my knowledge to help people.

I had been planning to leave my corporate global shoe brand role for a while and was saving like crazy. I would walk part of my commute to save money on transport, buy the cheapest lunch, and know that those small sacrifices would be worth it in the end. I had a blog called The Shoe Consultant which I’d been writing for a couple of years before I left my job. Although it was consumer-facing, the name inspired me to launch a real consultancy business.


I handed in my notice the first day back in the office after Christmas, with no more than a vague idea about the kind of shoe brands I would help.

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