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Steven Duncan is an Australian entrepreneur. Steven started SvenStudios in 2013.[1]

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Steven started SvenStudios in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on SvenStudios?

After having graduated from University for the second time in 2006 with a BA in Multimedia I felt like spending some time overseas would be fun, and as I had some friends that had also done the same thing, I spent almost 3 years living in Japan teaching English at primary schools. Partly because job prospects back home weren't great in my area.

Try to use your old equipment for as long as you’re confident that it is producing your best quality work. Try to weigh up the costs and think about if a new camera or lens is really going to make your work that much better.

I'd always been artistic, trying to draw, playing with 3D rendering and whatnot from my Multimedia degree and stuff - then I realized photography is like 'cheating' at drawing, so I picked up my first camera. Japan is a beautiful country so can’t take a bad photo, and as I knew Photoshop pretty well I was able to get some sort of a following online through the social networking site DeviantArt which gave me the confidence to do it more.

I began my professional life as a bit of a ‘professional student’. I now have a Diploma in Computing & Infotech, a BA in Multimedia, a Masters in teaching, and a Cert IV in Photo Imaging. So after moving home from Japan I loved to teach, and I also loved taking photos, so I managed to use my teaching degree to make some real money while building up my photography business on the side.

It got to the point 2 years ago that I had to choose between teaching and my photography, which was a very simple choice as dealing with bridal parties are much more fun than shouting at school kids all day.

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