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Steve Christensen is a Canadian entrepreneur. Steve started Neuwly Live in .[1]

Steve Christensen, founder of Neuwly LiveSteve Christensen, founder of Neuwly Live


Neuwly Live


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Neuwly Live

Steve started Neuwly Live in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Neuwly Live?

A little history! Here we go. The idea came over 5 years ago as a sensor to track movement and allow competition without borders in sports but morphed several times from there.

We first set out to create a simple bucket list tracker where you could add things to your bucket list, follow friends, encourage them along the way and we’d help you achieve these bucket list items as well as track them. It was an absolutely beautiful product we built but unfortunately, we missed the mark slightly. Although I was devastated it turned out to be a great learning experience and prepped me for the next step in this journey.

Our vision had always been to advance the world through life’s new experiences and the net product we tackled would still achieve that vision - a platform to discover and buy experiences around the world with a social layer that would allow for unique discovery from friends/followers. We launched the product in November of 2019 and as we started getting traction, COVID hit and the tourism industry we planned on changing was suddenly gone! We had to pivot knowing that all the big companies were going to swoop in and take any business that remained out there.

Sticking with our vision and the times, we set our sights on taking the product to a virtual approach. This wasn’t something we saw as a “timely” pivot, but a pivot that will be important for the now and later because of the approach we planned on taking. So, here we are, hoping that the third time is a charm, right!? Since launching just over 1 month ago we’ve been validated with the product and market seeing many people list and share events, knowledge, and motivational lives! People are participating, giving feedback and we’re actually using a product daily, which we’re in love with!

For me, my living is still made building and selling watches with my other company but I’m able to scale that back while I work my butt off to show the world Neuwly.

I love what I get to do daily!

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