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Steve Christensen is a Canadian entrepreneur. Steve started NOVO watch in 2016 and is based in Lethbridge, Alberta.[1]

Steve Christensen, founder of NOVO watchSteve Christensen, founder of NOVO watch


NOVO watch


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Early Career

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NOVO watch

Steve started NOVO watch in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on NOVO watch?

I am a watch fanatic! Ever since I was a young boy I’ve loved watches. During a summer job, after failing to find a cool new watch to buy, I told my friends I was going to start my own watch company and I did!

> It seems the best way to attract customers is the story. Customers are smart and if the story isn’t authentic they’ll see that.

My goal was to look at new unique ways to tell time and approach the watch world differently. For the next few semesters and throughout my masters program I would sit at the back of the class drawing designs, emailing people from China and sending money to unknown people in hopes I would see my ideas turn into reality. When I finally got my first products, I was hooked. Entrepreneurship in the watch world my dream and I was standing at the foot of it.

Like any idea and venture, things change. The minimalist movement of watches exploded and we got caught up in it. However, in keeping with NOVO’s love of all things new and unique I began to gravitate toward the concept of repurposing. Making old things new again. Which for me meant history given new life in the face of a watch. It lead me to rusty old rail yards and antique shops with my wife.

To workshops filled with the scent of leather and glue or the heavy smell of heat and flame. I’ve had to rethink sourcing materials. How best to alter them, whether through machine or man. And I spent many hours each day for months at a desk filled with tiny tools and even tinier bits of metal assembling and disassembling the inner workings of a mechanical timepiece. It only made sense that a watch formed of decades old steel track should be coupled with such a time honoured art.

This new watch proved a steep but rewarding learning curve and I’m grateful to the artisans who were willing to teach and work with me on all the elements of it along the way.

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