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Stephen Somers is a British entrepreneur. Stephen started Marketplace SuperHeroes in and is based in Belfast.[1]

Stephen Somers,  of Marketplace SuperHeroesStephen Somers, of Marketplace SuperHeroes


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Early Career

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Marketplace SuperHeroes

Stephen started Marketplace SuperHeroes in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Marketplace SuperHeroes?

If we rewind the clocks, you could say I started out in business when I was in my teens at college. I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial, trying everything from starting my own band, to spending hours at night learning everything I could about marketing, business, and personal development.

I reached a point in my early college days when I thought to myself, ‘I’m not really learning how to become an entrepreneur here. I’m basically learning how to become an employee.’

From there, I gave up the college dream and got a job where I was working for the Government as a data processor... which is literally THE most boring job on earth!

I went out - as a lot of people do - and started Googling things like ‘how to make money online’ and ‘how to start an online business.’ Unfortunately, I ended up getting scammed left, right and center. I was falling into traps of products that promised a ton of stuff but didn’t really deliver a whole bunch...other than leaving me out of pocket.

So there I was, stuck in a job I hated. And after 3-4 years of running round in circles trying to find a way out of my job and into an online business that could change my life, I said to myself ‘I gotta find somebody who can help me. I need to find somebody with a ‘vehicle’ to learn how all this business stuff works.’

A strategic partnership could also bring your business access to new products, a new market and the opportunity to increase customer loyalty. It really is the true synergy of two plus two equals five!

I then had one of those lightbulb moments where I realized that the easiest way for me to get started in business was to sell physical products.

And after months of searching for somebody who knew how to do that, I was introduced to a guy called Robert Rickey through my Aunt and he is still my business partner to this day. He invited me to work with him in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to learn how all this business stuff actually worked.

So I quit my job, moved into my aunt’s spare room and started working in this (freezing cold!) warehouse where I learned how the whole business worked - which types of products sell, how to do fulfillment from a warehouse and a ton of stuff which (thankfully) we don’t have to do any more thanks to Amazon.

For the first time in my life, I saw a real, living, breathing business operating. It was FAR, far away from the BS opportunities that everyone else seemed to be plugging (and I’d blindly fallen for.)

The other HUGE difference was that Robert was selling his own, branded products online. He wasn’t selling a product and then asking some suppliers who he barely knew to ship it out to customers. And so over the next 9 months, you could say I received my own ‘online MBA’ in selling on online marketplaces like Amazon.

Why Amazon?

  1. They are the biggest eCommerce company in the world
  2. They have millions of customers and website visitors
  3. They ship your products out FOR you (using their FBA program)
  4. They enable you to sell globally (not just on
  5. They are the most legit, trustworthy site in the world

Fast forward 8 years later and we’ve sold our own branded products on Amazon successfully and have shared our process with over 5,000 ‘Heroes.’


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