Stacey Schlaman

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Stacey Schlaman is an American entrepreneur. Stacey started Liberated Specialty Foods in 2015 and is based in Madison, Alabama.[1]

Stacey Schlaman, founder of Liberated Specialty FoodsStacey Schlaman, founder of Liberated Specialty Foods


Liberated Specialty Foods


Early Career

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Liberated Specialty Foods

Stacey started Liberated Specialty Foods in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Liberated Specialty Foods?

I was working as a fitness instructor at the time and was already very aware of and “into” the paleo and keto diets for physical fitness. I had a background of working at a bakery in my younger years, and as a distribution manager for one of the largest retailers in the USA after college so had a little experience there also.

> Find a mission that you really care about, something where the mission can push you through the hard times because there will be many.

Our daughter was diagnosed with a host of autoimmune diseases at a very young age including Epilepsy, Hashimoto’s, Celiac, Psoriasis, and a bunch more. Doctors had prescribed a number of very heavy pharmaceuticals (including shots) to treat these that would need to be taken the rest of her life. Worried about the side effects, I found nutritional options to treat which were supported by several respected doctors. The results were astounding, but forced me into the position of hand-making much of her food, from ketchup to crackers to cupcakes. It was a full-time job, especially for someone who had little food-manufacturing experience outside the home.

I started Liberated to help others that were in the same position as me. It’s impossible to spend 50 hours a week in the kitchen and maintain a family and a full-time job. So we hope we can help out with that!

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