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Stacey Haynes is an American entrepreneur. Stacey started Thrivette in 2018 and is based in Dallas, TX.[1]

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Stacey started Thrivette in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Thrivette?

So many people complain about Mondays, and count down the days until the weekend. They live in big houses and buy fancy things to impress people they don’t even care about. They get caught up in their Monday-Friday work week and just settle, and before they know it, it’s time to retire and they still keep putting off the dream they had to change the world. Thrivette is here to tap into people, so they can start to uncover how to make their dream a reality. I believe that every person has a dream in their heart to do something more, but there are two excuses for why people settle and don’t take action: 1. Motivation and 2. Money.

Let’s take motivation, for instance. People start to make excuses like they are too young/too old, too big/too small, don’t have the degree, etc. Well, when I was ten I woke up and half my face was paralyzed with a disability called Bell’s Palsy. Typically in most people, it goes away in 2 weeks, but I have had it now for 23 years. For over a decade in school, I used to think this was going to hold me back and I couldn’t achieve certain goals because of what was wrong with me. Well, it took about another decade, but my mindset is changed and I am here, to show people that you can do anything you put your mind to, despite your past and your current circumstances, you just need to believe in yourself. I now do motivational speaking engagements. Audiences ranging from elementary schools through universities, showing the next generation that they are capable of changing the world and are meant for something big!

What many people see as their quirk, or something odd about themselves, is the exact thing that will resonate with people when you put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to be authentic.

Money and the lack of resources, is obviously a hurdle for any business, especially when you want to start something big like real estate, a restaurant, even just getting equipment to build merchandise for an Etsy shop can seem like a far stretch for some. Jason and I have funded all of our real estate ventures, by starting small businesses with the resources we obtained through Etsy, Amazon, Shopify sites, and crowdfunding campaigns, like Kickstarter. We teach people how to start small with what they do have to gain financial momentum for their bigger dream. So while we work with top Fortune 100 companies, we also have a unique passion for showing anyone with a goal, to take what they have around them to help take their dream to the next level. Take for instance one of our clients, Stefanie, a recent college grad whose dream was to own a donut food truck but she didn’t have all the cash it took and didn’t want to take out a loan. We showed her what printing equipment to get so that she could start making things on Etsy to help fund her bigger dream.

Jason and I have been married for 10 years now, and since the beginning of us dating, we wanted to find a way to compile our skills, so that we could work together and quit our corporate jobs and have the freedom to build our schedule and live anywhere we wanted. With Jason’s design and technical expertise to create logos, build branding, code websites and apps, paired with my customer experience knowledge, we make the perfect team walk companies through the full customer experience cycle.

When we started the side hustle gig back in 2012, most of our profits came from graphic design posters. When we got married, we were $88,000 in debt from student loans and didn’t know what steps to take to get out of debt and save up money for a house. We got our biggest help with funding our dreams through Kickstarter! While we have had some fails, we have made over $165,000 through Kickstarter alone! We wrote about it in this blog post.

In our largest grossing project, we made over $36,000 in 30 days. Being on the spaghetti noodle and cheap wine diet back then, we felt like we won the lottery and continued to build art on graphic posters, and continued to sell them on Etsy, Amazon, and our Shopify sites to continue to make profits.


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