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Sravani Sundeep is an Indian entrepreneur. Sravani started Apna Writer in 2020.[1]

Sravani Sundeep, founder of Apna WriterSravani Sundeep, founder of Apna Writer


Apna Writer


Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


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Apna Writer

Sravani started Apna Writer in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Apna Writer?

After my marriage, I had started working as a freelance writer, and used to make a decent earning as a writer.

However, I was not satisfied. Something always felt incomplete, as I always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, but as a freelance writer, I was just self-employed, who owned a job (my own), but not a business.

In addition, I felt that all the platforms which I was using to find work and write articles for the clients, were not good enough.

All that thought process about business and the experience working on these platforms made me feel a strong need for a better platform that can connect both writers and publishers. You never know if your idea is right or wrong unless you try it, so I decided to go ‘all-in’ with my idea and try it out.

This is when I was posed with another major problem. Though I was all motivated to execute upon my idea, being a graduate, I knew nothing about business management.

But I did not let this lack of experience stop me. Being a newbie, I extensively conducted my research on the internet on how to start an online business and manage it. I continuously kept educating myself on various business systems and processes to set up to ensure I give a strong foundation to my business.

From this idea, I made my first experiment as an entrepreneur. Just FYI, I am not talking about Apna Writer here.

I, then, developed a market platform to connect both writers and publishers. I worked on this project for four years and learned many aspects of entrepreneurship.

But it wasn’t a great success story I would say.

However, I would like to share one crucial learning to entrepreneurship aspirants. It is that understanding your clients is much more important for your business success compared to any other factor you can work on.

Anyhow, as I always was, and still am, a keen learner, I analyzed my mistakes, learned from them, to bounce back again. Though I was able to connect writers and publishers, which my main intention was, I was not able to guarantee the quality of the content through that platform.


Not being able to discover good writers who could deliver high-quality content.

I had come to understand, by practice and experience, that there are many writers in India. However, the writers who can produce high-quality content are very few and are tough to come across.

This left me with dissatisfaction with my model.

But this also was my epiphany.

Now I knew what my previous venture lacked, and it is from this dissatisfaction the idea of Apna Writer was born. With Apna Writer, I perfected every mistake I made in my last venture and implemented my valuable lessons.

And currently, we are doing great in terms of business. All because I focused on finding skilled writers who understand the importance of their work, and how powerfully it can affect the business world.

Even though we are quite active on social media, the amount we’ve spent on paid marketing, to date, is zero. All our growth has been organic since the start and this is a major achievement I would say considering how the organic reach on social media is declining over the past few years.

I believe this is all because our clients are happy with our service, and hence they themselves act as our brand evangelists. Our clients refer us to their contacts in their network, and this is how word of mouth is working best for us. And to exponentially increase that effect, we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our clients, once we onboard them.

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