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Spyq Sklar is an American entrepreneur. Spyq started Cat Sushi in 2015 and is based in San Francisco, CA.[1]

Spyq Sklar,  of Cat SushiSpyq Sklar, of Cat Sushi


Cat Sushi


San Francisco, CA


Early Career

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Cat Sushi

Spyq started Cat Sushi in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Cat Sushi?

In 2014, I quit my job in Silicon Valley to start a pet supplies store with my longtime friend John and business partner Barry. About a year after opening Wolf & Lion Pet Supplies, the idea for Cat Sushi came about.


Barry, who's been in the pet industry for many years, knew about this human food that cats loved called bonito flakes, which are small, flaky pieces of tuna that you can buy at the supermarket.

Barry would buy a giant bag, repackage it into smaller Ziploc bags, and slap a sticker on it that said Emma's Fish Flakes. We would place the bags by the register at our store and sell them for $5 each - making a nice little profit on each bag.

Cats are generally picky when it comes to treats, but not with Emma's Fish Flakes. It was our #1 selling cat treat. We were in amazement at how well it sold despite how amateur the packaging looked.

It was our go-to recommendation for cats and we often just gave it away to our customers because it cost us nothing - and our customers kept coming back to buy more.

As retailers, we see a lot of products, but we couldn't find anything like this from our distributors. So we couldn't help but notice this opportunity. We thought to ourselves - we know the customer, and we know retail, who better than us to make this product?

So, we put together a quick business plan and set aside some money that we were willing to risk. One of our loyal customers actually came up with the name. We still give them free cat food.

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