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Shreya Kavuru is an American entrepreneur. Shreya started Altrui Foundation in 2020.[1]

Shreya Kavuru, founder of Altrui FoundationShreya Kavuru, founder of Altrui Foundation


Altrui Foundation


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Early Career

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Altrui Foundation

Shreya started Altrui Foundation in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Altrui Foundation?

After long hours of discussion, planning, and team recruiting, the journey of Altrui Foundation had begun. Six months ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation and disproportionality affected certain groups of people in underprivileged situations, the team knew that there was no better time to launch Altrui Foundation – a non-profit social venture with two main initiatives: Altrui Rx and Altrui Education.

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Sourish and Rahul both have a lot of exposure to social impact through their involvement in JCWI which provides water filtration systems to impoverished communities in India that lack access to clean water.

Additionally, Rahul worked at a local pharmacy in New York lower east side where he had to look at the dating of products and go through all the near expired medications to flag and then eventually throw away – that was when he realized the number of medications that would end up being thrown out by the end of each shift. Shreya brought in her own experience of social impact after a research project and leading a community service club at her school.

Fast forward to covid-19, Rahul, Shreya, and Sourish were having dinner and on the TV pops up a headline about supply chain disruptions for a product called "Hydroxychloroquine" for pharmacies, manufacturers and the terrible effects for patients who were skipping doses, but not of their own choice. In that discussion, the puzzle pieces clicked together and the infant-stage idea of Altrui Rx was born.

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