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Shawn Bo and Leon Eugene is an American entrepreneur. Shawn started L. Eugene Natural Skin Science in 2015 and is based in Los Angeles.[1]

Shawn Bo and Leon Eugene,  of L. Eugene Natural Skin ScienceShawn Bo and Leon Eugene, of L. Eugene Natural Skin Science


L. Eugene Natural Skin Science


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L. Eugene Natural Skin Science

Shawn started L. Eugene Natural Skin Science in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on L. Eugene Natural Skin Science?

Over 17 years of my life (Leon), I’ve been waking up with 10 zits every day. Do you know what that feels like? Now imagine you go to school and you master esthetics and you’re able to help lots of other people, but you can’t help yourself. NOW imagine getting a facial, and your esthetician has bad skin. It just wasn’t adding up. My struggle with acne was honestly a War that I thought would never end. Being young I would say to myself, “it’s hormones, it’s puberty” but here I was- 27 years old and breaking out every, single, day.

Don’t compare yourself or your progress to other people.

Leon is Native American, part of the Yakama Nations tribe in Washington State. We met in Seattle- I was working 80hrs a week managing real estate projects and investments, he was working as an esthetician for a local place downtown.

Shawn always felt like we looked good, but then you know, you move to LA, you want to be a Youtuber and all of a sudden I’ve got dry skin and large pores!

It all started with the Radiance Toner, it made such drastic changes in Leon’s skin that people that only knew him for a few months in LA were asking what he changed about his skincare routine. All of a sudden- we became people that others looked towards for skincare advice.

After months of studying clinical research, testing raw ingredients and developing our own formulations we began really sampling out our products just to see if people really liked it. Because of the encouragement of close friends and people we had met- we decided to start a business.


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