Shasta Pakdhane

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Shasta Pakdhane is an Indian entrepreneur. Shasta started MillionCenters by Better Thought Solutions LLP in 2019 and is based in New Delhi.[1]

Shasta Pakdhane, founder of MillionCenters by Better Thought Solutions LLPShasta Pakdhane, founder of MillionCenters by Better Thought Solutions LLP


MillionCenters by Better Thought Solutions LLP


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MillionCenters by Better Thought Solutions LLP

Shasta started MillionCenters by Better Thought Solutions LLP in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on MillionCenters by Better Thought Solutions LLP?

I have known my co-founder team for over 10 years and we stayed in touch with each other throughout our professional career years, whenever we used to meet we always discussed solving a big enough problem that would impact social behavior change.

> Never take your eyes off the important measurement indicators for your business, like metrics such as daily active users, customer acquisition costs, churn rate, etc.

India being a very academia centric not much attention is paid to other skills, talents, or hobbies when it comes to learning and this is what we are trying to change, this is how brainstorming over the prototype of MillionCenters started and it just kept growing.

In their professional careers, our founding team members have solid management, engineering, and technical background with 15 plus years of working experience in business consultancy, product development, and digital marketing, so it was natural that our business would be connected to technology.

Most importantly our founding team has higher education qualifications in Management and software engineering so we have spent a lot of time living in the education sector and had time to evaluate its strong and weak points and also created that inner strength required to revolutionize the learning system.

Although I had already had some entrepreneurship experience building an e-commerce software solutions but nothing with EdTech so it took a while to convert the idea on paper into an actual money-making business model but eventually we got our prototype released and we largely got a positive response on that and from then on we never looked back and just kept building the product. “A river cuts through the rock not because of its power but because of its perseverance ”


It was exciting and fun and since we all had a good mix of business, finance, and marketing background it just gelled well for our product. We partnered with photographers, bloggers, freelance digital journalists, hiring agencies, etc to help us with various stages of research and marketing groundwork. We initially had a very flexible organization structure, with each person wearing multiple hats.


We were passionate about solving the problem at hand, we had the dedication and the relevant domain expertise and the timing was perfect if we look at the advancements in cloud computing, digitization progress, increasing internet usage and mobile app downloads data. One thing that must not be left out is the money part. We got funds from friends and family to get this thing started and hire the required talent to work with us.

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