Sharon Koifman

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Sharon Koifman is a Canadian entrepreneur. Sharon started DistantJob in 2008 and is based in Montreal.[1]

Sharon Koifman,  of DistantJobSharon Koifman, of DistantJob




Early Career

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Sharon started DistantJob in 2008. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on DistantJob?

I started off by running and owning a hosting company called Empire Host. We had about 3K clients at the time support was run from two offices in India with nearly 30 employees.

We were also providing an outsourcing package. Our business solutions were really cheap and to be frank, our results were mediocre at best. Although the service was fine for any mom and pop shop or even an “any results will do” kind of company, we noticed that too often, people who run tech companies actually outsourced to companies such as ourselves even work that went into their core offering - because it was cheap.

At the time, what outsourcing really was, was an arbitrage business. But the concept that people would outsource big chunks of their business to a company that does not provide the same level of communication, process, quality control, and culture just because they’ll save a lot of money, that idea really stuck with me.

There was a real misconception at the time that in order to go to the world and take advantage of lower-cost talent, you needed to outsource.

After selling Empire Host, I gained a lot of experience in recruitment and in managing international people and I was already a believer in the philosophy that no one can be better at managing their employees than the company who is building the product or service that reaches the end customer.

And because of that, I realized that my future was specializing in finding the best people that would work following a client’s process and culture, and in teaching my clients how to employ their management processes with a remote team.

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