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Sharon Demmery is a British entrepreneur. Sharon started Demmerys LTD in 2018.[1]

Sharon Demmery,  of Demmerys LTDSharon Demmery, of Demmerys LTD


Demmerys LTD


Early Career

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Demmerys LTD

Sharon started Demmerys LTD in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Demmerys LTD?

My journey to business success has taken many twists and turns. Essentially I’m a bedroom to workshop business, but there’s lots more to my story than that. After working in an ice cream factory after leaving school, I later became a Mum to two (now) grown-up boys before entering the world of floristry.

Finally, my website was launched. But guess what, nothing happened. No phone calls, no emails, no orders. I hoped the next week would be better, but it wasn’t. I was busy trying to do Instagram, Facebook postings and still nothing happened.

However, what I couldn’t get my head around was why I was making money for someone else. And so I spent almost two years looking at ways to make money for myself, but there wasn’t an easy solution. At the time, I had some money saved up, but it was nothing amazing—probably, around £30K max.

Then one day, my partner was on the phone with a marketing guy and they were trying to dream up an online business. Thinking about my floral background, I suggested to

my partner to ask about whether there were any Google searches for artificial flowers or artificial arrangements. He rang back the next day and the conversation went a little like this: “Forget everything we talked about yesterday, I have never seen a niche with so much going for it. An online business requires three things: traffic, good margins, and low competition. Generally, a business will always have two out of three and then the third one lets them down.” I was confused. What did he mean?

He then told me, “If you have good traffic and high margins you will inevitably have high competition and so on. I have never seen a niche that has all three like this, but what you actually have is four. You have a niche that can only be found online and not on the high street”.

He was right, I couldn’t think of a single place I could buy an artificial flower arrangement in a shop. My insides were dancing the Lambarda now—this was the ‘Aha’ moment I had waited two years for! And I wasn’t going to let the grass grow under my feet.


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