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Serban Enache is an American entrepreneur. Serban started Free Stock Images in 2012.[1]

Serban Enache, founder of Free Stock Images Serban Enache, founder of Free Stock Images


Free Stock Images


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Free Stock Images

Serban started Free Stock Images in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Free Stock Images ?

By 2012, stock photography was well established as an accessible and inexpensive visual content resource and Dreamstime was already a thriving Top 3 agency, counting the world’s largest stock photo community. It already featured a small free download library that subscribers were able to access unlimitedly, still available today. As donations grew, we felt these files needed a dedicated home and audience and this is how Stockfreeimages appeared. In the first year, we had around 110,000 customers and 1,5 million images and numbers continued to grow constantly. Its aim was to upgrade budget-oriented customers instead of eroding current revenues.

Not hiring talented people soon enough or hiring the wrong people and having to start all over, avoiding making leaps of faith, and being overcautious are some of the things that may change the course of your business for better or worse.

A large pool of individuals and freelancers were in need of good imagery for personal or start-up projects, at no cost at all if possible. Stockfreeimages came to answer this need for safe content with model released, high-quality photos, and illustrations that they were able to download for free. It also served as the next step in image copyright protection for both contributors and consumers and helped users protect themselves from the costly fines that often result from copyright violations.

Since then, many other free image resources, featuring mainly Creative Commons CC0 content, have emerged but Stockfreeimages still retains this major advantage of being one of the few libraries that give free access to copyrighted images for which their authors have given specific commercial usage permission. This means you can use these images with a valid, worldwide, and perpetual Royalty Free license and not worry about copyright infringement.

What you can do with Royalty-free licensed images? Practically almost everything that requires visual content nowadays: online marketing campaigns, books, ebooks, websites, media production, games and apps, banners, social media posts, and many other projects which CC0 license may not cover.

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