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Scott Bartnick is an American entrepreneur. Scott started The Five Day Startup in 2018 and is based in Orlando.[1]

Scott Bartnick,  of The Five Day StartupScott Bartnick, of The Five Day Startup


The Five Day Startup


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The Five Day Startup

Scott started The Five Day Startup in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Five Day Startup?

I graduated from the University of Florida in 2015 with a Bachelors's in Industrial and Systems Engineering. After graduating, I started my engineering career with Eaton Corporation, a power management corporation based out of Dublin, Ireland, and a Fortune 500 company. I began as an Electrical Sector Intern and secured a permanent position once I completed my internship.

I then worked as a Continuous Improvement Manager, Quality Supervisor, and Sales Engineer with their Leadership Development Program, where I led various projects that helped to advance Eaton’s mission and further develop their communication and customer service. I learned valuable knowledge and skills in customer service, operations management, quality, and sales at Eaton. Although I valued my time and experiences with them, I started yearning for something more.

When I began soul searching and seeking more out of life, I started by asking myself one question: What will I regret when I’m 80-years old? For me, the answer was simple: taking the easy route and not discovering the unknown. The problem with the unknown is that to explore it, I still needed funds. So, before putting in my notice, I had to develop a successful plan that would enable me to live my dreams. After some research, I learned that I could live in Southeast Asia for about $10 a day.

I became obsessed with learning about various remote opportunities and how to make money online so I could travel and make money at the same time. Although there are a plethora of options, I kept coming back to eCommerce. I began by learning all of the ins and outs of drop shipping, which is a supply chain management method that is beneficial for those who don’t want to own inventory. Instead, they transfer a customer’s orders to the retailer, supplier, manufacturer, or wholesaler for the order to be fulfilled. As an engineer, eCommerce and some aspects of entrepreneurship were new to me, but I used my previous experiences to build a successful business model. Once I earned my first $1,000 of profit I was ready to place my first inventory order.

The services offered at The Five Day Startup grew from an internal need. Every time I had to do something for my business, my goal was to get so good at it, I could offer it as a service.

As soon as I was able to leave Eaton, I launched several new products on Amazon, but not all were successful. Some of my first products were meal prep containers and an outdoor children’s game called lawn darts. Unfortunately, both products had quality concerns and ultimately failed. This was the first lesson of many for me with e-commerce. I used this to learn and understand more about supply and demand, quality control, and e-commerce overall.

This failure led me to struggle financially and I quickly realized the need to focus on a service business. It was at this point that I started working on my social media branding. I started my Instagram growth business and also grew an understanding of social media marketing. I quickly adapted to this new environment and grew to have more than 100 clients. Thanks to my new success with social media marketing, I was able to recover financially, continue my world travels, and invest in my next big project.

After my next successful product launch, I doubled down on Amazon, spending months learning everything I could to ensure I was successful in the future.

Now I focus on finding new products and consulting on eCommerce and public relations at Otter PR, a firm that I co-founded.

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